Panorama Gallery

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Panorama Gallery „Panohero“

All images in the gallery „Panohero“ were taken with the action-camera GoPro Hero 3+ Black and with the  Panohero  as panoramic head.

Learn more about the panoramic head  Panohero  for GoPro Hero.

Panorama Gallery „Classic“

Most images in the gallery „Classic“ were taken with the DSLR camera Canon EOS 550D and either with Sigma Zoom 18-50mm or with Canon EFS 10-22mm as lens. Some panoramas were shot free hand while other were shot using various means to achieve a precise rotation of the camera around the optical center of the lens.

  • Was andere über Herdima sagen

    „The Panohero is a great tool, it works wonders. Thank you and félicitation the inventor of panohero!“

    Antoine Perez (living in France)