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CAD pictures of the Panohero

CAD pictures –
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Control Utilities for HDR Panoramas

Some control utilities assist you in making HDR panoramas.

GoPro HDR App

The control utility GoPro HDR App from Tequnique works for GoPro Hero 4 Silver and for GoPro Hero 4 Black.The app is available for iPhone and for devices with Android. The control utility works via WiFi. It allows for bracketed exposures in the range from 22EV to +2EV. Photo Mode, ProTune and white balance need to be set manually at the beginning of the shots. Each series of exposures is exposed individually and triggered manually.

CamControl for GoPro

The app CamControl for GoPro from Chernowii is available for Android-devices. It supports a.o. the shooting of HDR images with Hero 4  cameras.


The panorama head Panohero is shipped worldwide.

You receive an invoice by email and pay in advance
using either bank transfer or PayPal.

Our many customers are very happy with the Panohero.
It is fun because it lets you get to superb spherical and interactive panoramas easily and quickly.
Experience the fun of it – go and get one now!


  • Was andere über Herdima sagen

    „The Panohero is a great tool, it works wonders. Thank you and félicitation the inventor of panohero!“

    Antoine Perez (living in France)